Is Buying a Home in the Winter a Wise Decision?

Friday Aug 31st, 2018


Many people have a pre-conceived notion that shopping for real estate is a no-go during the winter months. Besides the weather being an unpleasant inconvenience while house hunting, that’s if it’s cold or has been snowing heavily, there really isn’t much of a difference to the process of searching and acquiring a new home for you and your family.

At the end of the day, there’s never a “best” time to go house hunting. The weather may play a factor should you be driving around to look at multiple homes or walking through, the chances of you finding the home of your dreams in the winter is just as likely in the winter as it is any other month.

Just because the spring and fall are the busiest times of the year on the real estate market, that doesn’t mean you’ll be left in the cold should you not find something you’re looking for during those months. Actually, you may find yourself beating the crowd while taking advantage of less people out there looking for themselves if your search begins in, or extends itself into the winter.

Yes, there are fewer homes on the market from December to March. However, that also means there are fewer people looking at the homes that are.  Being prepared in case your dream home pops up is something you don’t want to hold off or delay just because of the day on your calendar.

Just as you would scour your local grocery store websites looking for the best deals each week, you should be visiting local realtor websites (just like!) and checking out homes regularly as well if you’re in the market or curious about what your home may fetch if it was.

With winter’s end just around the corner, now may just be the perfect time to reach out to one of our team members. We can answer any and all of your questions all-year-round. After a brief visit, we’ll be glad to show you just how hot the Durham Region’s housing market can be in winter, spring, summer or fall!

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