The Importance of a Realtor

Friday Aug 31st, 2018


Whether selling or buying a home, you want to be comfortable with the process on either side of the transaction.  It’s always a little stressful regardless of finances.  Now I might be a little biased but, regardless of where you are in the transaction, having a realtor is vital to ensuring that the process is carried through smoothly. A good realtor can and should be your home buying guru if you choose the right one. From negotiating to staging, by doing it yourself (or even worse, with someone who fails you as an expert), you’re leaving yourself open to mistakes that a veteran realtor just won’t make. 

Anyone can search through a website like or look to the real estate section in their local newspaper to see homes they might like. A realtor can help you go through the steps to get pre-qualification or pre-approval before starting the search.  Is the home in an area you’d like to live in?  Knowing what kind of neighbourhood you’d like to move into, a realtor can help you zero in on a few options so that you aren’t running around spending your valuable time looking at places that are over budget or don’t meet your criteria; even if those homes are within your budget.

It all boils down to having an expert on your side that you can trust. Would you want just anyone preparing your meal at your favourite restaurant? Would you let just any friend or neighbour take a look at your car if there was an issue?  Realtors, at least any of them worth their licence, have seen it all and are knowledge experts in the communities they operate. I know in my time working with people here in Durham, I’m confident in my ability to assess my clients’ needs and wants, and fitting those desires into their budget to have them living in their dream home in a great community.

With the many buying and listing agents available, you want someone with a proven track record in the community you’re leaving or entering to help you extract maximum value and happiness from your transaction. You want to make the home buying process as easy as possible.  If you’re looking here in Durham, give our team a call and we’ll not only provide customer service with a group of people you’ll trust and enjoy working with.  We’ll help you succeed in all of the right ways and help you “say it’s sold!”

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